Continuing the tradition of Minnesota-made Wooden Hockey Sticks
$ 25.00

Single Stick Wall Mount

A secure and stylish way to mount your twig. Cut from solid ash, this single stick wall mount, similar to our two-stick and six-stick mounts, this beautiful and stylish display looks amazing but doesn't distract from your collection itself. The straight slot is padded with felt for a secure fit that won't damage your hockey sticks. If you can't slide your sticks into the slots, the faceplate can be removed to fit sticks with knobs into place before reattaching.

The entire unit hangs on the wall via a French cleat. Fasten the cleat to the wall using the included anchors and/or screws (the pre-drilled holes are spaced at 16" on center to attach directly to the studs in your wall, however the included anchors may also be used for installation on drywall). The wall display then easily lifts and hangs onto the cleat, making for easy removal when swapping sticks. 

Made in Minnesota. Please note that these hangers are made from real hardwood, not stained, so there may be variations in tone and contrast from the hangers pictured.