Continuing the tradition of Minnesota-made Wooden Hockey Sticks

"Wayne Gretzky would like to see players go back to wooden sticks"

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"If Gretzky had his druthers, he'd like to see a return to the wood. Why? Players would have better feel and control, as Gretzky explained to Patrick.

"Obviously, we couldn't shoot the puck as hard as these guys with the shafts and sticks they use today," Gretzky said. "I just don't feel they have the same feel with the blade and the puck that we had back in the 70s ... I don't feel like it's the same sort of feel that our sticks had.

"I know it's not going to happen because of the wood scenario we have in life and around the world. I just think these guys would be better players, they maybe wouldn't shoot the puck as hard, but they'd be better play-makers with their wooden sticks."

Brian Stubits article for CBS Sports, March 12, 2013